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Reading Russian Literature: Иван Алексеевич Бунин [Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin] Posted by on Apr 24, 2009

Out of the five Russian Nobel Prize winners so far – Бунин [Bunin], Шолохов [Sholokhov], Пастернак [Pasternak], Солженицын [Solzhenitsyn], Бродский [Brodsky] – the first of them, Иван Алексеевич Бунин [Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin], seems to have been almost forgotten after receiving the Prize in 1933. Everyone seems to be discussing Sholokhov and asking one of those…

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Russian Easter: «Христос воскресе!» [Christ Is Risen!] Posted by on Apr 19, 2009

Today is «Пасха» in Russia, thus Orthodox Easter. On this day it is traditional to eat not only lots and lots of eggs, but to treat your friends and family to this delicious desert also called «пасха», made mainly out of «творог» with nuts and raisins. (If you can’t see the picture here, you can…

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Russian Cases: «Родительный падеж» [Genitive] part II Posted by on Apr 16, 2009

 We’ve had some trouble showing pictures here for the past month or so, so if you can’t see the picture here I’ve uploaded it to my own personal blog too. This picture is an old favorite of mine, taken on a beach in Siberia back in 2005: «Пьянство у воды – причина беды» [Drunkenness by…

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Russian Cases: «Родительный падеж» [Genitive] part I Posted by on Apr 11, 2009

I really hope that the problem with the pictures will be solved soon, because it’s as frustrating for me not to be able to show you the pictures as it is for you not to see them! The graffiti on a wall above: «Я без тебя умру» [I will die without out] shows that after…

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Russian Cases: «Именительный падеж» [Nominative] Posted by on Apr 6, 2009

«Именительный падеж» [nominative case] is a good case to use in the names of shops, cafes, movie theaters and restaurants, like this one on the picture above: «РесторанРусьВеликая» [Restaurant The Great Rus’]. Even though it is obvious to anyone who reads this blog once in a while that there cannot be a single post about…

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Rhetorical Russian Remark: «Можно ли станцевать гимн России?» Posted by on Apr 3, 2009

In the latest number of «Русский репортёр» (№12, April 2-9 2009) there’s an interview with the professional ice skaters Яна Хохлова [Yana Khokhlova] and Сергей Новицкий [Sergey Novitsky], in which they not only ponder the imperative inquiry «Можно ли станцевать гимн России?» [It is possible to dance Russia’s national anthem?], but also answer many other…

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