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Russian Word of the Week: «Халява» [Freebie] Posted by on Sep 26, 2009

Looking through pictures from a couple of absolutely lovely and lazy summer days spent with my friend Marina’s family «в Кургане» [in Kurgan] in July, I came across this one: «Кафе Старая Прага. 20 июля в 18.00. Вход бесплатно (ХАЛЯВА) :-)» [Café Old Prague. July 20th at 18-00. Entrance free of charge (FREEBIE) :-)]. And…

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How to Make Russians Do as You Say, or Mastering «повелительное наклонение» [imperative] Posted by on Sep 22, 2009

This peculiar note I came upon on the wall of the restroom at the university today and couldn’t help but to share it with you, first and foremost because it is packed with information necessary for today’s grammatical note: «повелительное наклонение единственного числа» [imperative in singular]. «Если не сможешь сделать это аккуратно – лучше не…

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«Мурка!»: a Russian musical «на мотивы русского шансона» [to the tunes of Russian chanson] Posted by on Sep 20, 2009

Russia doesn’t just have a people with a ‘wide soul’ – «широкая душа» – but also a wide and diverse culture – «русская культура широкая и разная». Today’s post is about a part of Russian culture that is not among the first things you might find out about this country, but a part that is…

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«Возвращение!» [The Return!] Posted by on Sep 17, 2009

Today’s post is long overdue. «Я знаю!» [I know!] It’s been almost a week since the last post. «Простите меня!» [Forgive (pl.) me!] But there’s a reason for the delay – or, many reasons even! «Будьте снисходительны!» [Be (pl.) permissive; pardoning; forgiving!] Today’s post is named «возвращение» [return] but it won’t be about the splendid…

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Listen While You Read, or – Read As You Listen Posted by on Sep 10, 2009

In three days I’ll be returning to Russia – more specifically, «на Урал» [to the Ural Mountains] – but until then I have a great tip for all of you. One of the things that make learning a language outside of the country in which it is spoken very difficult is because it is hard…

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Word of the Week: «Время» [Time] Posted by on Sep 4, 2009

Sometimes Russian Blog’s Word of the Week is solely grammatically interesting, sometimes purely culturally or historically fascinating. Seldom can our Russian word of the week be both. But this week’s word is actually both! The Russian word «время» [time] is grammatically interesting because it is a neuter noun despite ending on «я» [ya] (which is…

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