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Лениниана Posted by on Apr 24, 2012

Guess whose birthday is celebrated on April 22? Well, lots of famous and important people were born on this day, for example, Alexander Kerensky and Vladimir Nabokov. And, of course, Владимир Ильич Ульянов (Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov) was born on this day back in 1870. He is usually better known by his alias, Ленин (Lenin). So let’s talk about Lenin’s influence…

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Примета такая есть – There is an Omen Like That Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

I was so busy last week that I completely forgot about April 13. Тринадцатое апреля (April 13) this year fell on пятница (Friday). Since the next one will be в июле (in July), let’s get ready and talk a bit about Russian суеверия (superstitions). You might’ve noticed that the –верие part in the word суеверие…

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Even More About Russian Easter Posted by on Apr 12, 2012

As promised, here’s the rest of the story about Russian Easter. The first week after Easter Sunday is known as Пасхальная неделя (Easter Week). The biggest day of this week and the peak of the Easter celebration is Красная Горка (Low Sunday). And here we have the word красный in its meaning of “beautiful” instead…

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Celebrating Russian Easter Posted by on Apr 11, 2012

Let’s hope that all of us are done with taxes. This leaves us with just one problem to solve – what to do with hundreds of plastic eggs we have left over from Easter. So let’s tackle this problem and learn a bit about Easter in the process (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, you…

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Tax Time Posted by on Apr 9, 2012

What’s on your mind, уважаемые читатели (dear readers)? If you live in the US, then you probably have two problems to tackle this week. One is what to do with all the empty plastic eggs from the Easter egg hunts. The other one is, of course, налоги (taxes). Have you heard this Russian expression –…

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