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Five Easy Parts of Learning Russian — Part I Posted by on Oct 31, 2016


This is part one of this post. Make sure you read part two when it comes out. Russian has the reputation of a hard-to-learn language. The Foreign Service Institute has placed Russian into category 4 out of 5 for how long it takes native English speakers to learn it. A different alphabet, noun declensions, verb…

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Stop And Go: Russian Verbs For Taking About Processes Posted by on Oct 25, 2016

stop sign

It may sometimes be useful to talk about the phases of a process — beginning, interrupting, picking up, and finishing actions. Below are some verbs that will help you express these temporal notions. Начать Начинать (imperfective)/начать (perfective) means to begin. It can be followed by an infinite or by a noun in the accusative case.…

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Radio Shows Where Russians Talk About Russian Posted by on Oct 20, 2016

coffee beans

I am sure many of our readers would enjoy listening to shows dedicated to the Russian language. I have listed a few program(me)s that touch upon the challenges in the language that even native or advanced speakers struggle with. “Говорим по-русски. Передача-игра” (Эхо Москвы) This is a show about the Russian language on the “Эхо Москвы”…

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What’s Physical Comfort for Russians? Posted by on Oct 18, 2016

Many visitors are surprised to find life in Russia, especially in large urban centers, closer to a developed country than they expected. At the same time, some fixtures they are used to may be missing. Conversely, there are some things that Russian are used to having and will likely feel uncomfortable without, no matter how…

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Does Russian Sound Different in European Russia and the Far East? Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

Map of Russia

Very often I hear people say that, Russia being so large, there must be distinct regional accents. A person from Moscow surely speaks differently than someone from Novosibirsk. However, in the case of Russia we find that the variation is not nearly as drastic as one would expect. As explained in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, “The degree…

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