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Celebrating Ukrainian culture with vareniki Posted by on Mar 7, 2022


Following the horrific headlines of Russia’s war against Ukraine evokes many difficult emotions in all of us. It is even more heart breaking during the beautiful week of Масленица we just had. In his last blog, Ryan wrote a wonderful overview of this religious holiday before the season of Lent. Today, I continue our celebration…

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All the пост in one post! Posted by on Mar 1, 2022

For a while now, and especially in the past few days, Ukraine has been in the headlines. How much do we know about this incredibly diverse country, the largest located entirely in Europe? Today I would like to explore the country going into the season of Lent, as this largely Christian country, mostly Orthodox in…

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You are a sailor, Mishka! Posted by on Feb 23, 2022


Ты одессит, Мишка, а это значит, Что не страшны тебе ни горе, ни беда. Ведь ты моряк, Мишка, моряк не плачет, И не теряет бодрость духа никогда. You are an Odessa native, Mishka, and that means You are not afraid of neither misery nor misfortune. Because you are a sailor, Mishka, a sailor never cries…

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What date is it today? Posted by on Sep 20, 2021

31 December

Would you like to correctly answer that question in Russian? Вы на ве́рном ме́сте. If you need a quick refresher on поря́дковые числи́тельные see my blog here. Вы гото́вы? Пое́хали! Following this table in my old blog, you’ve learned how to name some of yours firsts in life, for example: Пе́рвый поцелу́й Пе́рвая побе́да Пе́рвое…

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June 12 – Russia Day Posted by on Jun 10, 2021

Russia Day

June 12 is Russia Day. What exactly are we celebrating on that day? Not Independence Day Russia Day (День Росси́и) is one of the newest national public holidays in Russia. It has been celebrated since 1992. This day marks the formation of the Russian Federation (Росси́йская Федера́ция) as a sovereign (сувере́нный/незави́симый) country after the collapse…

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Russian Summer Sayings Posted by on May 28, 2021


We have already talked about Russian spring proverbs, winter expressions, and fall vocabulary. And, of course, today’s blog will be about summer sayings. Today, you can quickly check the weather forecast in seconds. To do this, you just need the Internet. But for millennia, people have followed the changes in nature and its phenomena. The…

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DIY ideas for Paskha Posted by on May 4, 2021

red cabbage eggs

Правосла́вная Па́сха вы́пала на второе ма́я в э́том го́ду. (Orthodox Easter fell on May 2nd this year) and I wanted to share как мы с брати́шкой и сестрёнкой  первый раз кра́сили яйца (how I and my siblings dyed eggs for the first time) и как мы пригото́вили па́сху (and how we made a paskha). My…

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