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Knowledge Transfer: Verbs With The Root -вещ- Posted by on Nov 26, 2015 in Uncategorized


I thought it may be interesting to look at a “family” of words related by a shared root. One such family refers to all things knowledge and knowledge transfer.


The basic form is ве́дать, a bookish/archaic way of saying “to know.”

Он не ве́дает, что твори́т. (He knows not what he’s doing.)

The word медве́дь, as you may know, comes from мёд (honey) and ведать (to know) — so, one who knows honey. This word is thought to be a euphemism for an earlier word for bear, which became taboo.


Related are such words are such words as весть (an update, tiding) or изве́стие (update, news).

Notifications, like the ones on a smartphone, are оповеще́ния. Оповещение can also refer to an alert, for example, a safety alert or one to let you know an item has arrived.

Мне пришло́ оповеще́ние из ба́нка по телефо́ну. (I’ve received a bank notification on my phone.)


Another group of words with this root describes all things testament. Завещать is to bequeath something in your will. Завещание is a will.

По завеща́нию отца́ фи́рма перешла́ к ста́ршей до́чери. (According to the father’s will, the company went to the oldest daughter.)

This root can also be seen in phrases such as Ве́тхий Заве́т (Old Testament) and Но́вый Заве́т (New Testament).


Another subgroup has to do with knowledge transfer, namely broadcast. The basic word here is веща́ть (to broadcast).

Ста́нция веща́ет в FM-диапазо́не. (The station broadcasts on the FM band.)

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  1. SusanB:

    Maria – thank you for posting this !!

    I find that studying Russian roots and families of words… as you have done for us here….. makes learning vocabulary so much easier.

    Please do lots more blog posts like this one !!! Thank you.

    • Maria:

      @SusanB Thank you, Susan. Буду стараться!

  2. Jo Tuffs:

    Great.Really interesting and useful.Please do some more!

    • Maria:

      @Jo Tuffs Thank you, Jo. Will do!

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