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On the Border: на границе Европы-Азии! Posted by on Apr 25, 2010

«Монумент на границе Европы–Азии» [the (new) monument on the border between Europe and Asia] «на московском тракте» [on the highway to Moscow (from Siberia)]. Have you ever dreamed of being in two places at one and the same time? «На Урале» [in the Ural Mountains] all your dreams can come true – including this one!…

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А в то же время в Екатеринбурге… [And at the same time in Yekaterinburg…] Posted by on Jun 16, 2009

Usually my Russian hometown «Екатеринбург» [Yekaterinburg] looks like this: «бесконечные пробки на улицах» [endless traffic jams on the streets] and «бесконечный ремонт домов и дорог» [endless reconstruction of houses and roads]. But not anymore! Now my «родной город на Урале» [hometown in the Urals] looks like this! Pictured above is the main street of the city…

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