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Russian Folk and Medieval Vocabulary in Melnitsa Songs Posted by on Nov 6, 2018

medieval knight armor

The Russian band Ме́льница (Mel’nitsa, “mill”) performs songs in a genre that could be described as Celtic-inspired fantasy folk. You can not only enjoy their music but also use their lyrics (слова́) to learn more rare vocabulary having to do with nature, old-time weapons and occupations, feudal titles, and magic. While not immediately useful in…

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4 Online Courses For Learning Subject-Specific Vocabulary in Russian Posted by on Mar 1, 2018


Perhaps you have mastered the basics of everyday conversation but still can’t talk about your specific area of knowledge in Russian. Say, your university degree is in physics, but you don’t know how to say “pump” in Russian. One way to build your subject-specific vocabulary is to sign up for an online class in an…

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Verb Forms That Don’t Exist in Russian Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

man in woods

Quite naturally, most of the time, we talk about what can be said in Russian on this blog.  However, surprisingly, there are also things you cannot say. Here are a few missing verb forms and ways to work around them, where possible. Победить Ask any Russian what you cannot say in Russian, and, chances are, they will…

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