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Does Learning Russian Endorse Oppression? Posted by on Jun 22, 2015

I was once talking to a young American teacher, who told me he had started learning Russian but gave it up in protest of LGTB rights violations in Russia. It is, indeed, not hard to be discouraged from learning Russian when Russian governments and people, past and present, commit offenses against principles one holds dear…

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Word of the week: «Прикалываться» Posted by on Sep 27, 2008

In my post from last week, “On Free Magazines & Expats in Russia”, I used the verb «прикалываться» without thinking twice about it. I did so even after I searched for a proper translation of the word into English without finding one. My trusted Kenneth Katzner dictionary only translates «прикалывать» [impf, pf – «приколоть»] as…

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Word of the Week: трезвость [sobriety] Posted by on Sep 15, 2008

«Только трезвая Россия станет великой!»[Only a Sober Russia Will Become Great!]  Since I’m back in Russia I am also fully and completely back in the blogging game, now that I once again can catch the country of interest in her everyday activities, like for example this poster above. I found it on the wall of…

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