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Derivative prepositions (производные предлоги) and how to get them right Posted by on Jul 23, 2020


Prepositions (предлоги) are functional words that work together with nouns, noun phrases, and pronouns to show direction, time, and relation to other objects. Other wonderful blogs on this platform have covered prepositions (Russian prepositions of direction, prepositions of time, “в” or “на”) and provided great guidance on when to use them and even how to…

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Learning Russian After English Posted by on May 4, 2015

We are continuing last week’s discussion of how learning a different second language first may have helped — or impeded — you in learning Russian. Since English is the most commonly studied foreign language, it’s only natural we discuss it next. I would guess for speakers of other European languages Russian may seem infinitely more…

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How to “Google”, or Perform an Internet Search, in Russian Effectively Posted by on Aug 13, 2014

If you are trying to improve your Russian by searching for content in Russian online, you might be having a hard time finding what you are looking for. If you haven’t considered watching/reading Russian content online for improving your Russian, you definitely should. Immersion, immersion, and… immersion is one of the best ways to…

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Russian Set Expressions: It’s All in Your Hands Posted by on Jul 2, 2014

In the process of acquiring any foreign language the importance of set expressions cannot be underestimated. Scarce or nonexistent knowledge of these language units is what frequently makes us feel as if our mastery of the language is still in its infancy stages. However, people who have invested their time in learning and implementing…

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Nourish Your Body and Soul with “Food of the Gods” Posted by on Jun 24, 2014

The abundance of summer inspired me to put together this experimental post. This post/show combo provides a healthy dose of Russian, while at the same time helps you discover the magic of… onion (лук), horseradish (хрен), radish (редька), and tomato (помидор) 🙂 . The name of the show is Пища Богов (Food of the Gods). …

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Apps with Russian Origins Posted by on Jun 4, 2014

If you have a smartphone, and statistics show that 22% of the world’s population does (1), then you likely have downloaded an app or two or ten. What you may be surprised to know is that some of the most successful apps were created by people from Russia or countries that used to be a part of the…

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Russians: American Film Antagonists Posted by on May 13, 2014

From the time I was old enough to watch TV, I have loved movies: action (боевик), drama (драма), comedy (комедия), horror movie (фильм ужасов) – you name it, I used to like them all. As I got older, one interesting thing became apparent to me: many of the villains in the American movies I liked…

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