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Love And Vegetable Sayings Posted by on Feb 12, 2021

Potato Heart

As you know, Valentine’s Day (День Святого Валентина) is approaching. There will finally be an occasion to call those we love (любить) but rarely talk to. While some are looking forward to this holiday, others do not celebrate it for their personal reasons or principles. No matter what group of people you belong to, I…

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10 Most Popular Russian Posts of 2015 Posted by on Dec 21, 2015

As we wrap up the year 2015, let us look at the most popular posts from 2015. Some of these were written before 2015 but they continue to remain at the top of the list. 10. Russian Names for Pets Have you ever wondered what name you should give your Russian pet? Look no further than…

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Three Iconic Russian Love Stories Posted by on Feb 12, 2015

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, I was thinking about the archetypal love stories — you know, the Romeo and Juliet (Роме́о и Джулье́тта) tales that are immediately recognizable and referenced whenever people want to evoke love. What follows is not complete or representative by any means, and I encourage you to share more examples in comments. However…

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«День всех влюблённых» [Valentine’s Day] in Russia Posted by on Feb 14, 2010

«На этом воздушном шарике» [on this balloon] it says «я тебя люблю!» [I love you!] But don’t we all not just want to read these words, but have them said to us «вслух» [aloud]? Today is February 14th, a day known around the world as Valentine’s Day. In Russia this day has a name of…

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How About ‘Getting Married’ in Russian? Posted by on Nov 29, 2009

There’s one thing I’ve always had trouble expressing in the Russian language. No, it’s not «мои чувства» [plural: my feelings], but something that has not so much to do with me as a matter of fact. For years now I’ve struggled with the following: how to say in Russian that two women are married? Perhaps…

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