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Why Are (Most) Russians Bad At Speaking Other Languages Posted by on Jan 9, 2019

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Several people who visited Russia told me they were surprised to discover that relatively few people spoke or understood English, even in the service industry in large cities. Generally speaking, the educational system and the environment in Russia contribute to this state of affairs. Largely Monolingual In a 2014 survey by the Levada Center pollster…

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Poll: Most Russians Miss USSR Posted by on Jan 2, 2019

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The Russian pollster Levada Center recently published thought-provoking, if unsettling, findings: Most Russians said they missed the Soviet Union. We will look at the detailed results of this survey and some possible explanations. You can read the pollster’s report in Russian. More People Miss the USSR The main finding of the poll (опро́с), conducted in late…

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Russian Polls: What Transgressions Are Russians Willing To Forgive? Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

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A Russian public opinion company has recently conducted a poll of what infractions Russians are willing to overlook and which are unforgivable. I am going to list the top three forgivable and unforgivable behaviors — check out the ones in the middle on the study’s website. What’s Forgivable использование ненормативной лексики (swearing) Fifty four percent of all…

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