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What Drink Is More Popular in Russia than Vodka? Posted by on Sep 24, 2014

We all know that the Chinese love to drink tea. So do the Brits. Recent data collected and published by the Euromonitor International, listed the countries that consumed the most tea per person, measured in pounds, and Russia ranked fourth! They stated that the average Russian drinks just over three pounds per year. In comparison…

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Nourish Your Body and Soul with “Food of the Gods” Posted by on Jun 24, 2014

The abundance of summer inspired me to put together this experimental post. This post/show combo provides a healthy dose of Russian, while at the same time helps you discover the magic of… onion (лук), horseradish (хрен), radish (редька), and tomato (помидор) 🙂 . The name of the show is Пища Богов (Food of the Gods). …

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Serfin’ the tide of Russian history Posted by on Jun 13, 2013

Since I’ve done a number of vocabulary and grammar posts recently, I thought that this week, for a change of pace, we’ll take a look at Russian history. And, more specifically, the history of that peculiar institution known as крепостничество (“serfdom”) — which for hundreds of years was the curse of the Russian poor and…

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Vital vocabulary for (not) talking about religion Posted by on Dec 26, 2012

Накануне Рождества (“on Christmas Eve”), I did my once-a-year attendance of a богослужение (“worship service”), more specifically a месса (“[Catholic] Mass“) — not out of personal religious sentiment but because my parents were visiting from Arizona. Also, being a неверующий (“non-believer”) who was not expected to kneel or креститься (“to cross oneself”) when everybody else…

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Russian Holidays: День народного единства Posted by on Nov 9, 2011

A funny experience happened in my Russian class today, «дорогие друзья» [dear friends]. We are reading «Дама с собачкой» [The Lady with the Lapdog]. My professor said of the main character, «Гуров» [Gurov], «Он верен своей жене?» [Is he faithful to his wife?] I smiled and gave a resounding «Да, конечно» [yes, of course]…

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19 Memories of 1991 Russia – Part 2 Posted by on Aug 22, 2011

Quick Reminder Yes, the secret GIVEAWAY is still going on. It will close in just a few days, at 11:59pm EST on August 26th. So there’s still time to enter by leaving a comment either on this post or on my previous post. Remember, you can leave more than one comment. The more you comment…

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How to Be A Cosmonaut for a Day Posted by on Apr 11, 2011

Are you ready for tomorrow? You might be asking «а что будет завтра?» [just what will be happening tomorrow?]. A quick look at the calendar will tell you that tomorrow is «двенадцатое апреля» [April 12th]. If you enter this date into Google search you will see that, in addition to it being a «сто второй…

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