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Listening to Grechka Posted by on Nov 15, 2021


All images are by author (Akbota Yergaliyeva) Yes, you read the title right. This blog is only partially about Russia’s favorite grain гречка (buckwheat). We are going to talk about a wonderful Russian music artist on the rise that goes under the name Гречка (Grechka). It was actually Ryan’s delightful blog on Russian breakfast that…

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Where are These Famous Russians Today? Posted by on Apr 9, 2014

Anna Chapman, Garry Kasparov, t.A.T.u, and Gorky Park – whether you are into sports, politics or music, you are most likely familiar with these Russian names. Over time, careers and audiences of these Russian celebrities have gone through major transformations but all of them remain in the public eye to this day. Ex-spy Anna Chapman…

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Yekaterinburg Rock – Melodic and Poetic Posted by on Mar 10, 2014

Music is a great way to learn a language, but Russian rock music (русский рок) is not well known outside Russia and the surrounding area. People are more likely to know t.A.T.u. or opera singers. This blog has covered Russian rock music before, but there are so many bands (группы) worth checking out that we’ll…

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Let’s Rock! Posted by on Jul 8, 2011

Psst, want to know a secret? The awesomeness of this blog is mostly due to its readers, especially the ones who respond through comments either here or on the Learn Russian Facebook fanpage. But of course, that’s no secret. I’ve said so before. You also know that I love having guests over on this blog…

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