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Three Easily Confused Russian Verbs Posted by on May 24, 2021


In Russian, there are three verbs that have the same English translation – “to try.” Despite this, they have a slightly different meaning. These verbs are “про́бовать“, “пыта́ться,” and “стара́ться.” It is very easy to confuse them. If you want to sound more Russian, read below about their differences. Пробовать Meaning: “to try to do…

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How do you say ‘to die’ in Russian? Posted by on May 19, 2021

a couple at the cemetery

Many Russians devoted May 11th this year to visiting the graves of their loved ones. Known as Роди́тельский день и́ли Радо́ница (Roditel’skiy Den’ or Radonista), this day is directly related to Orthodox Easter and you can read more about the gist of it in Yelena’s old blog here. For a more detailed account on this tradition…

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Есть – To Eat Or To Have Posted by on Nov 19, 2020

To eat

– Пить есть?                                                                                                         …

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Let’s dig deeper into the Russian verbs for gardening Posted by on Sep 17, 2020


September is a busy month if you are a gardener in Russia. Many are spending their weekends busy на да́че, reaping the fruits (and vegetables) of their spring sowing and getting their gardens ready for the winter. We’re going to get our hands dirty by digging into verbs related to gardening (садово́дство и огоро́дничество) and…

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5 Verbs of Cause and Effect in Russian Posted by on Apr 12, 2018

person's feet in front of a fireplace

When you are trying to make an argument, it is important to talk about what caused a certain state of affairs. This post will list five ways to express cause and effect in Russian. All verbs will be given in pairs of imperfective/perfective. Приводить/привести Вести (“to lead/take someone somewhere”) is one of the verbs of…

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Knowledge Is Power: Verbs With ‑знать in Russian Posted by on Jan 8, 2018


Знать (to know) is one of the most common verbs in Russian. There are also several important verbs derived from it. Узнать — To Discover/Learn Узнать (perfective)/узнавать (imperfective) is used to talk about learning some information for the first time. О́коло полугода жильцы́ пыта́лись узна́ть, что, со́бственно, происхо́дит. The residents tried for about half a…

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Russian Verbs Related To Ставить Posted by on Aug 21, 2017


As our returning readers know, learning Russian verbs is easier and more fun when you can meet an entire verb “family.” We are continuing our popular series on Russian verbs with the same root by looking at verbs with the -став- root. Ставить At its most basic, ставить (imperf.)/поставить (perf.) means to put. Note that…

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