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Russian Word of the Week: «Халява» [Freebie] Posted by on Sep 26, 2009

Looking through pictures from a couple of absolutely lovely and lazy summer days spent with my friend Marina’s family «в Кургане» [in Kurgan] in July, I came across this one: «Кафе Старая Прага. 20 июля в 18.00. Вход бесплатно (ХАЛЯВА) :-)» [Café Old Prague. July 20th at 18-00. Entrance free of charge (FREEBIE) :-)]. And…

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Word of the Week: «Время» [Time] Posted by on Sep 4, 2009

Sometimes Russian Blog’s Word of the Week is solely grammatically interesting, sometimes purely culturally or historically fascinating. Seldom can our Russian word of the week be both. But this week’s word is actually both! The Russian word «время» [time] is grammatically interesting because it is a neuter noun despite ending on «я» [ya] (which is…

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Word of the Week: «блаженство» [bliss] Posted by on Mar 29, 2009

In Russia there’s a ‘candy company’ called «Россия: щедрая душа» [Russia: The Generous Soul] that makes a lot of yummy chocolate products with astonishing names. The one above is named after today’s word (or perhaps it’s the other way around?) – «блаженство» [bliss]. This kind contains «молочный шоколад» [milk chocolate] and is delicious, just like…

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