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Things That Don’t Go Together in Russian Cuisine Posted by on Jun 10, 2019


I recently attended a conference in Italy, and I thoroughly enjoyed the advice the locals gave us on following the culinary conventions, such as no cappuccino after 11 AM. This inspired me to write this post, which will look at some food-related “taboos” in Russia. This is all in good humo{u}r, and, of course, not…

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What Subjects Should I Avoid In A Russian Conversation? Posted by on Nov 2, 2017

Russian coat of arms: two-headed eagle

Once you’ve learned enough Russian to have a conversation with a native speaker, you need to think beyond what you can say about what you should say. Let us look at several common “taboo” subjects and see how they are treated by Russian speakers. I will mostly base my observations on what I saw in…

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