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Discovering Russia by Rail Posted by on Apr 2, 2014

The distance between Mogilev, the city where I grew up, and Orenburg, the city where most of my family live, is roughly 1250 miles. Every summer my parents and I would take a train there so I can spend the summer with my grandparents. The train ride was about 32 hours long but I always…

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Meet the Verb: «собираться»! Posted by on Jun 25, 2010

Maybe somewhere in between all the recent posts by Yelena on our blog – as well as Vickie’s excellent guest post two days ago – you might have asked yourselves: «А где же Джозефина?!» [“But where is Josefina?!”] I know there’s been a significant gap without me posting here about the wondrous world of Russian…

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Part II: «Казань – ленинская» [Lenin’s Kazan’] Posted by on May 10, 2010

«Казанский государственный университет» [Kazan’ State University] is since 1925 and still today «имени Владимира Ильича Ульянова–Ленина» [named after Vladimir Il’ich Ul’yanov-Lenin]. And in front of the university’s main building we have a very young «Володя Ульянов» [Volodya Ul’yanov] – aged seventeen and not yet aware of his imminent expulsion from the university… In August 1887…

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