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Word of the Week: «Жара!» [Heat!] Posted by on Jul 18, 2010

In Russia you’ll only find «такая пустая улица» [such an empty street] in the city «летом» [(instrumental case: when?) in the summer] when «жара» [the heat] has driven all citizens either «на дачу» [(accusative case: direction) to the dacha] or – as one can read about in this article – «в подвал» [into the basement]…

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Word of the Week: «Герой» [hero] Posted by on Nov 18, 2008

«Жить в России – быть героем» [‘To live in Russia is to be a hero’]. Once upon a time, back in the time of the turbulent 90’s, there was a political party called «Народная партия» [‘The People’s Party’] in Russia. I do not know anything about this party, all I know is that it no…

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Word of the Week: пить [to drink] Posted by on Oct 29, 2008

The word of the week today is a part of a delicate subject. I know. But this is Russian language and since some people tend to consider this language to have as many words for sipping drinks as the Eskimos do for snow, then I would like to set the record straight and clear up…

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