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There are some adjectives that collocate with certain prepositions. The use of prepositions oftentimes doesn’t follow a fixed or set rule so it’s best to learn them together with the word they’re used with.

Listo para – ready for
Preocupado con – worried about
Adicto a – addicted to
Conforme con – in agreement with
Harto de – fed up with
Aburrido de – bored with
Responsable de – in charge of

The same thing happens with verbs. Sometimes the English verb doesn’t need a preposition to express meaning.

Alegrarse de – to be happy about
Acabar de – to have just (done something)
Acordarse de – to remember
Acostumbrarse a – to get used to
Asomarse a – to show (oneself)
Cansarse de – to get tired of
Casarse con – to get married to
Contar con – to count on, to rely on
Dejar de – to stop doing something
Disculparse por – to apologize for
Disfrutar de – to enjoy
Disfrutar en – to have fun (somewhere)
Dudar de – to doubt
Encargarse de – to take care of
Fiarse de – to trust
Fijarse en – to pay attention to

These are only some examples. In your vocabulary notebook (still don’t have one?) write the verbs with the corresponding preposition and review, review, review!

See you next time!

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  1. andreas:

    Te agradezco los mensajes maravillosos que envías. En mi opninión hay que no sólo rapasar los verbos y adjetivos con prepocisiones, sino también hacer muchísimos ejercicios para aprenderlos. Aquí, en Ucraina, tenemos unos manuales muy buenos de Moscú con muchísimos ejercicios, y yo los hago regularmente.