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Beginner Spanish Lesson 38 Spanish verbs of movement with prepositions Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Basic, Learning, Pronunciation, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary, Videos

In this Beginner Spanish lesson we are going to learn some important Spanish verbs of movement and the Spanish prepositions which accompany them, such as Ir + a, Llegar + de and Venir + a.

Spanish verbs of movement are Spanish verbs that describe movement such as el verbo Ir which means To go in English, el verbo Llegar which means To arrive in English and el verbo Venir which means To come in English.

A Spanish preposition is a word that links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence and usually indicates the temporal, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence.

Ir + a: To go + to:
• Voy a Barcelona: I go to Barcelona / I am going to Barcelona
• Vamos a la casa de mis padres: We go to my parent´s house / We are going to my parent´s house

Irse + de: To leave + from:
• Me voy de Barcelona: I leave Barcelona / I am leaving Barcelona
• Nos vamos de este país: We leave this country / We are leaving this country

Ir + en: To go + by:
• Voy en coche: I go by car / I am going by car
• Vamos en avión: We go by plane / We are going by plane

Llegar + a: To arrive + in:
• Llego a Barcelona: I arrive in Barcelona / I am arriving in Barcelona
• Llegamos a casa: We arrive home / We are arriving home

Llegar + de: Arrive + from:
• Llego de Barcelona: I arrive from Barcelona / I am arriving from Barcelona
• Llegamos de Madrid: We arrive from Madrid / We are arriving from Madrid

Venir + a: To come + to:
• Vengo a Barcelona: I come to Barcelona / I am coming to Barcelona
• Venimos a Madrid: We come to Madrid / We are coming to Madrid

Venir + de: To come + from:
• Vengo de Barcelona: I come from Barcelona / I am coming from Barcelona
• Venimos de Madrid: We come from Madrid / We am coming from Madrid

Volver/regresar + a: To return + to:
• Vuelvo/regreso a Madrid: I return to Madrid / I am returning to Madrid
• Volvemos/regresamos a casa: We return home / We are returning home

Volver/regresar + de: To return + from:
• Vuelvo/regreso de Madrid: I return from Madrid / I am returning from Madrid
• Volvemos/regresamos de Barcelona: We return from Barcelona / We are returning from Barcelona

Prepositions, in my opinion, are one of the trickiest things to use correctly in any language. They are such small words, but they are words that are used all of the time, are absolutely essential to the sentence and tend to not translate easily between languages.

Often Spanish students focus all their time and energy initially on vocabulary, verbs and key grammar concepts and ignore the finer details, such as the prepositions. We are up to lesson 38 in our Beginner Spanish Course and you are progressing very well. Now is a good time to start thinking about Spanish prepositions and to take your Spanish to the next level.

I wish you a lovely day and look forward to seeing you next time with another Spanish video lesson.

¡Que tengais un buen dia y hasta la proxima clase!

I hope you are enjoying my weekly Spanish lessons. Follow this link for many more great resources to help you learn Spanish.

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