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Spanish Lesson Intermediate 6 Expressions of confirmation, supposition, surprise, and concern Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Pronunciation, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary, Videos

¡Hola a todos!

Hoy vamos a ver unas expresiones para confirmar (expressions of confirmation), otras que usamos cuando suponemos algo (expressions of supposition), otras que expresan sorpresa (expressions of surprise) y otras que expresan preocupación (expressions of concern).

Let’s start with some expressions used to make confirmation:

To respond with confidence:
Estoy seguro/a: I am sure
Seguro: Sure
Segurísmo: Very sure
Sin ninguna duda: No doubt about it

To respond decisively:
¡Jamás!: Never!
¡Qué dices!: What are you talking about?
¡Ni hablar!: No way!/ That’s impossible!

To confirm decisively:
¡Por supuesto!: Of course!
¡Hombre, claro!: Of course!
¡Sí, si!: Yes, of course!

Let’s see some expressions that are used to suppose things:

High probability:
Creo que: I think that
Pienso que: I think that
Me parece que: It seems to me that
Seguro que: For sure

Medium probability:
Supongo que: I suppose that
Me imagino que: I guess/imagine that
Posiblemente: Possibly
Seguramente: Possibly

Low probability:
Quizá/s: Perhaps
A lo mejor: Maybe

Next let’s see some expressions that are used to show surprise:

¡Qué raro!: How odd/strange!
¡Qué extraño!: How odd/strange!

Finally let’s see some expressions that are used to express concern:

¿Qué pasará?: What is going to happen?/What is happening?
¿Le/les habrá pasado algo?: Has something happened to him/her/them?

To calm someone down:
¡No te preocupes!: Don’t worry!

¡No pasará nada, hombre/mujer!: Don’t worry, it will be OK!

These are the kinds of expressions that we use a lot in everyday conversation. I don’t know if you have heard some of them before? Maybe “Quizas”, “Creo que” and “Posiblemente”, but I hope you have picked up some new ones today in this lesson.

Have a great week and enjoy your Spanish!


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