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Currencies in Spanish-speaking Countries Posted by on Aug 10, 2009 in Spanish Culture

Here are some currencies in Spanish-speaking countries. Check them out!

Balboa – Panamá
Bolívar – Venezuela
Colón costarricense – Costa Rica
Colón salvadoreño – El Salvador
Guaraní – Uruguay
Lempira – Honduras
Oro Córdoba – Nicaragua
Euro – España
Peso argentino – Argentina
Peso boliviano – Bolivia
Peso chileno – Chile
Peso colombiano – Colombia
Peso cubano – Cuba
Peso mexicano – México
Peso uruguayo – Uruguay
Quetzal – Guatemala
Sol nuevo – Perú
Dólar estadounidense – Ecuador

Nos vemos prontito!

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  1. Glen Cairns:

    I am trying to learn spanish in Canada where we have much technical information on a wide range of mechanica issues. While travelling in Mexico and Latin America I see very little mechanical text books. The few that I see are very old and out of date, is there a justifiable reason?

  2. victoria romano:

    i love spanish men and i want to learn how do speak spanish and go to equador, whats the currency?

  3. xxzakthecoolxx:

    i hate spanish, finding it a hard language to learn. how do i make it easier to learn (any tips???)

  4. xxzakthecoolxx:

    and also, how do you say ” i would like to rape your potatoes” in spanish?

  5. xxzakthecoolxx:

    just for a laugh