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Maybe you’ve learned to briefly describe people in your Spanish course and my job here today is to help you improve your vocabulary about describing people. Today we are going to focus on the good qualities, ok?

Are you ready?


abierto – open
acogedor – friendly, warm
admirable – admirable
adorable – adorable
alegre – glad
amable – nice, pleasant
atento – attentive
atractivo – attractive
auténtico – authentic
aventurero – adventurer, daredevil
bien educado – polite
bondadoso – kind
buen carácter – good character
buena persona – good person
caliente – hot
cariñoso – caring
chistoso – funny
comprensivo – understanding
contemplativo – contemplative, meditative
conversador – conservative
creativo – creative
diplomático – diplomatic
directo – straightforward
divertido – fun
encantador – charming, lovely
espontáneo – spontaneous
expresivo – expressive
extrovertido – extroverted, outgoing
fiel – faithful
flexible – flexible
fotogénico – photogenic
gracioso – gracious
hablador – talkative
honesto – honest
humilde – humble
independiente – independent
intelectual – intellectual
introspectivo – introspective
justo – fair
llamativo – flashy (clothes)
loco – crazy
maduro – mature, seasoned
metódico – methodical
observador – observant, alert
optimista – optimistic
ordenado – neat, tidy
organizado – organized, neat
original – original
osado – daring
paciente – patient
perfeccionista – perfectionist
persistente – persistent , tenacious
práctico – practical
puntual – punctual
realista – realistic
responsable – responsible
risueño – smiley, cheerful
romántico – romantic
seductor – seductive
sencillo / simple – simple
sensible – sensitive
sensual – sensual
sexy – sexy
simpático – nice, pleasant
sincero – sincere
solícito – attentive, caring
suertudo – lucky
tranquilo – quiet, calm
valiente – brave

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  1. Dina:

    Hi Adir!

    I am sorry, but does “conversador” mean “conservative”, and not “talkative”?