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El Chavo del Ocho – Fue sin querer queriendo… Posted by on Aug 21, 2008 in Spanish Culture

El Chavo del Ocho (The Kid from Apartment #8) is a Mexican TV show about an orphan kid who lives in a barrel (#8) and other inhabitants of a typical Mexican condominium/apartment building, una vecindad. The show started in 1970 in Channel 8 but then moved on to Televisa and it was cancelled in 1980. El Chavo del Ocho has been a smash hit in Latin America and Spain and it has had over 350 million viewers worldwide. The characters of El Chavo, Kiko, La Chilindrina, Doña Clotilde, Don Ramón and Profesor Jirafales still remain in the minds and hearts of Latin American people. Due to the frequent use of Mexican idiomatic language it has not been translated to many languages; however, the Portuguese-version of El Chavo, Chaves, is still broadcast in Brazil and it is so popular that a couple of grad students did their Masters dissertation on El Chavo del Ocho and its influence on Brazilian pop culture.

Have a look at a video from the first episode of El Chavo:
Nos vemos prontito.

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  1. david carmona:

    Oh, I used to love this show! I watched most of it in Spain, and it was hugely popular, even after the time difference (it was broadcast in the 90’s). In fact, it still cracks me up.

    “Es que no me tienen paciencia…”

    And what about ‘El Chapulín colorado’?

    “No contaban con mi astucia.”

  2. Adir Ferreira:

    It is extremely popular in Brazil, still today kids laugh at the same jokes we used to laugh when I was little.

  3. Adriana:

    I used to watch this show when i was little and loved it! I watch it now and I still enjoy it just as much. It brings back so many happy memories.

  4. ~*adriana13*~:

    hey hey hey whats up this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!