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US elections are around the corner and candidates are doing their best to get votes from the ever-growing Latin communities.  John McCain and Barack Obama have Spanish versions of their websites with lots of useful information. In case your Spanish is a little rusty, here’s a list of some handy political vocabulary.

apoyar – to support
aprobar, respaldar – endorse
Cámara de los Representantes – House of Representatives
conservador – conservative
de derechas, el/la derechista – right-wing
el caucus – caucus (for picking delegates to a U.S. convention)
el Colegio Electoral – Electoral college
el Congreso – Congress
el retador – challenger
el senador, la senadora – senator
el voto, la urna (para votar) – ballot, ballot box
el/la activista – activist
el/la demócrata – Democrat
el/la líder – leader
el/la republicano/a – Republican
el/la gobernador/a – governor
individuo en el cargo – incumbent
de izquierdas, el/la izquierdista – left-wing
la contienda – race
la elección – election
la elección primaria, las primarias – primary election
la política – politics
la legislatura – legislature
liberal — liberal
la mayoría – majority
la minoría – minority
el parlamento – parliament
el partido – party
el/la presidente – president
el primer ministro, la primera ministra – prime minister
el senado – Senate
el socialista — socialist
votar, el voto — vote

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  1. Chupacabra:

    Votar el socialista!!!

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    Estoy liberal!

  3. Chupacabra:

    These articles are really awesome, keep it up!