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English Spanish Parallel Texts – Numbers from 1000 Posted by on Mar 15, 2022 in Language, Learning, Spanish Grammar, Spanish Vocabulary

In this lesson of our English Spanish Parallel Texts course and we are going to practice using numbers from 1000 in Spanish. Start by reading the text in Spanish below. The English translation is provided later but please try not to look at it until you have read the Spanish version various times and tried your best to understand it.

There may be some words and phrases in the text that you are unfamiliar with, but you should be aiming to capture the main essence of what is happening. There will always be words and phrases popping up in real-life situations that you have never heard before, so it is important never to get too distracted by details.

If you want to investigate some of the words you don’t know with a dictionary that would be great, please do, but do this after trying your best to understand with what you already have in your head.

Check out this video lesson with information relevant to this topic:


numbers from 1000

Image by Kevin Ramirez from Pixabay


Spanish Text


Alfonso: Hola, soy Alfonso Sánchez. Estoy aquí para ver la casa de alquiler en Madrid al lado del estadio Bernabeu.
El agente inmobiliario: Muy bien. ¿Cómo está Señor Sánchez?
Alfonso: Bastante bien. ¿Y tú?
El agente inmobiliario: Muy bien, gracias. Bueno, la casa al lado del Bernabeu. Ochenta metros cuadrados. El alquiler es de dos mil doscientos veinticinco euros al mes. Veintiséis mil setecientos euros al año.
Alfonso: Bien.
El agente inmobiliario: Y esta propiedad requiere un depósito de cuatro mil cuatrocientos cincuenta euros.
Alfonso: Vale.
El agente inmobiliario: El propietario no permite mascotas ni fumar en la casa y no se le permite subarrendar ninguna de las habitaciones.
Alfonso: De acuerdo.
El agente inmobiliario: Tampoco se le permite vivir con niños en esta casa.
Alfonso: Ningún problema. Somos solo mi mujer y yo. No tenemos mascotas ni niños y no fumamos. ¿Podemos ver la casa?
El agente inmobiliario: Un momento por favor. Si me permite voy a llamar al propietario para comprobar algo.
Alfonso: Perfecto.
El agente inmobiliario: Gracias Señor Sánchez. He hablado con el propietario de la casa y lamentablemente no podemos alquilarle la casa porque usted es demasiado joven.
Alfonso: ¡Qué! Eso es indignante.
El agente inmobiliario: Por favor, acepte mis disculpas.
Alfonso: No, no aceptaré tus disculpas. He viajado trescientos ochenta kilómetros para ver esta casa. Voy a empezar un nuevo trabajo aquí en Madrid la próxima semana ganando más de setenta y cinco mil euros al año y he planeado vivir en esta casa.
El agente inmobiliario: Lo siento.



English Text


Alfonso: Hi, I’m Alfonso Sánchez. I’m here to see the house for rent in Madrid next to the Bernabeu Stadium.
The real estate agent: Very good. How are you Mr Sánchez?
Alfonso: Pretty good. And you?
The real estate agent: Very well, thank you. Ok, the house next to the Bernabeu. Eighty square meters. The rent is two thousand two hundred and twenty-five euros per month. Twenty-six thousand seven hundred euros a year.
Alfonso: Okay.
The real estate agent: And this property requires a deposit of four thousand four hundred and fifty euros.
Alfonso: Okay.
The real estate agent: The owner does not allow pets or smoking in the house and you are not allowed to sublet any of the rooms.
Alfonso: Agreed.
The real estate agent: Neither is one allowed to live with children in this house.
Alfonso: No problem. We are only my wife and me. We do not have pets or children and we do not smoke. Can we see the house?
The real estate agent: One moment please. If I may, I’ll call the owner to check something.
Alfonso: Perfect.
The real estate agent: Thank you Mr Sánchez. I have spoken with the owner of the house and unfortunately we cannot rent the house because you are too young.
Alfonso: What! That is outrageous.
The real estate agent: Please accept my apologies.
Alfonso: No, I will not accept your apologies. I have travelled three hundred and eighty kilometres to see this house. I’m going to start a new job here in Madrid next week earning more than seventy-five thousand euros a year and I’ve planned to live in this house.
The real estate agent: I’m sorry.


So, how did you get on? How much did you understand of the original text before checking the translation? Please let me know in the comments section below…

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand that much, practice makes perfect! Be patient and keep reading, hearing, writing, and speaking Spanish. See you next time!

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