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Formal and informal ways of saying “Goodbye” in Spanish Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Learning

Some posts ago we had a quick review on how saying “Hello” in Spanish, and now it is time to work on different ways of saying “Goodbye”.
Remember that depending on the context and how close our relationship with the addressee is, the farewell will be different. If it is a friend or a relative, we will kiss him/her to say goodbye as well as we do when greeting.


1. Saying goodbye to a friend

Adiós (Bye)
Hasta luego/hasta más tarde (See you later)
Hasta mañana (See you tomorrow)
Hasta pronto (See you soon)
Hasta la próxima (Until next time)
Hasta el viernes (See you on Friday)
Hasta ahora (See you in a minute)
Nos vemos. (See you soon/ See ya.) This is probably the most casual one.

If we are leaving some place, or ending a conversation, we can also use these expressions to say goodbye:

Buenos días (good morning)
Buenas tarde
s (good afternoon)
Buenas noches (good evening/good night)
2. The Formal Way

In formal situations, or to show respect to old people, don´t forget using “usted” instead of “tú”.

Adiós. (Goodbye)
 Que tenga un buen día. (Goodbye, have a nice day!) This is very useful in face to face situations, and to end a phone conversation.
Encantada de haberle visto. (Pleased to have seen you)


1. Formal endings

A la espera de sus noticias, le saluda atentamente… (I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely/faithfully)
Sin otro particular, le saluda atentamente,
Le saluda atentamente, (Yours sincerely/faithfully)

Esperando su pronta respuesta… (I am looking forward to your response)

2. Less formal endings

Un cordial saludo, (Kind regards)
Cordialmente, (Regards)

3. Informal, friendly or personal letters

Besos (Kisses)
Con todo mi cariño (With all my love)
Con todo mi afecto (With all my affection)
Un abrazo,
Un fuerte abrazo,
Un fuerte abrazo de tu amigo, (Hugs)
Seguimos en contacto (We keep in touch)

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