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Homophones: same sound, different spelling Posted by on Apr 26, 2010 in Spanish Vocabulary

Homophones (same sound) are words that have the same sound and sometimes are written with a little difference in spelling. To know which word the person is talking about you need to rely on the context.

So, today let’s take a look at some common words that take on different meanings if you change one letter.

agito – verb agitar, to shake
ajito – diminutive of ajo (garlic)

Girón – last name
jirón – shreds

ablando – verb ablandar (to soften)
hablando – verb hablar (to speak)

ala – wing
hala – interjection

aremos – verb arar in the future (to plough)
haremos – verb hacer in the future (to do or to make)

asta – flagpole
hasta – until, to

desecho – waste
deshecho – undone

errar – to make mistakes
herrar – to shoe (a horse)

ojear – to take a look
hojear – to leaf through (a book)

uso – use
huso – spindle

espiar – to spy
expiar – to suffer

baca – luggage-rack
vaca – cow

bacilo – bacillus
vacilo – verb vacilar (to hesitate)

basto – coarse
vasto – vast

rebelar – to rebel
revelar – to develop (photos)

Esto es todo por hoy. Nos vemos prontito.

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    I found this very interesting – shows the importance of listening carefully to spoken Spanish. Thank you for this.