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How to make “guacamole” Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 in Spanish Culture

Hey, everybody!

In my first visit to the United States I had lunch at a language school in Boston and guess what they had for lunch? Guacamole!

In Brazil we usually eat avocadoes with sugar or as a smoothie, with milk and sugar, so I’d never eaten it with salt – and I liked it!

So I decided to share this little guacamole recipe with you!

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3 aguacates (avocadoes)
2 tomates chicos (small tomatoes)
1 cebolla mediana (medium onion)
1 manojo de cilantro (bunch of coriander)
2 chiles serranos (opcional) (serrano peppers)
sal (salt)
pimienta (pepper)
limón (lime)
queso fresco (opcional) (fresh cheese)

Useful vocabulary

cortar a la mitad = cut in the middle
sacar el hueso = remove the (avocaado) pit
pulpa = pulp, flesh
recipiente = bowl
botanear = to eat as an hors d’oeuvres (Mexico)
botana = snacks (Mexico)
cáscaras = skin, peel
picado = chopped up
trocitos chicos = small pieces
machacar = to mash
triturar = to grind, to crush
totopos = fried tortillas

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  1. Juliana Cagle:

    ¡Muy Bien! Me gusta!

  2. Katelyn:

    La receta es muy facil hacer. El guacamole es muy delicioso.