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I particularly like idioms because they give a special flavor when we speak a language. Some days ago a friend invited me to spend New Year’s Eve at a party in a city nearby and I told him, “I’ll sleep on it”.

As it turns out, I started thinking how to say that in Spanish and I came up with an answer (if you have more options, please let me know): consultarlo con la almohada.

This means that you’re going to consult it with the pillow, really “sleeping on it”. Here are some examples:

Yo que tú no me apuraría. Consúltalo con la alhomada.
If I were you I wouldn’t hurry. Sleep on it.

Es un proyecto muy grande, mejor lo consultes con la almohada antes de tomar tu decisión.
That’s a very big project, you’d better sleep on it before making your decision.

Tras consultarlo con la almohada llegué a la conclusión de que no quiero hacerlo.
After sleeping on it I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to do it.

So, have you been consultándolo con tu almohada about something lately?

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