Irregular Past Participles Posted by on Jul 30, 2008 in Spanish Grammar

Learning to use Spanish verbs correctly is a hassle, and we all know that. When we learn the Pretérito Perfecto, we come up with irregular past participles. Here’s a list of some common irregular past participles.

* abrir (to open), abierto

* absolver (to absolve), absuelto

* cubrir (to cover), cubierto

* decir (to say, to tell), dicho

* escribir (to write), escrito

* freír (to fry), frito

* hacer (to make, to do), hecho

* imprimir (to print), impreso

* morir (to die), muerto

* poner (to put), puesto

* resolver (to resolve), resuelto

* romper (to break), roto

* satisfacer (to satisfy), satisfecho

* ver (to see), visto

* volver (to return), vuelto

Nos vemos prontito.

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