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Let’s talk about clothes! Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in Spanish Vocabulary

All right, people, our post today will be talking about clothes. More specifically let’s learn some vocabulary related to the materials clothes are made of.

Clothes can be made of

algodón (cotton)

broderie (English embroidery)

corderoy/pana (corduroy)

cuero (leather)

encaje, puntillas (lace)

gamuza/ante (suede)

lino (linen)

lana (wool)

lona rústica (canvas)

muselina (muslin)

nylon (nylon)

poliéster (polyester)

seda (silk)

terciopelo (velvet)

Nos vemos prontito.

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About the Author: Adir

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  1. andreas:

    Quiero saber si las palabras ‘nylon, corderoy, broderie’ son buenas porque el diccionario de RAE no las da.

    • David Carmona:

      @andreas En español se escriben: “nailon, pana (o corderoy), bordado”.

  2. andreas: