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Hey, what’s up?

I took some days off during Christmas and New Years and I ended up watching an Argentinean movie, Un Cuento Chino (A Chinese Tale).

Un Cuento Chino tells the story of Roberto, owner of a hardware store, and a Chinese man called Jun. Roberto was sitting at a park when Jun is kicked out of a taxi and asks Roberto for help. Jun doesn’t speak a word of Spanish.

Jun is looking for his tapo (his father’s oldest brother), who is his only family member still alive. Roberto takes him in and helps Jun to look for his uncle. In the meantime, we find out that Roberto is grouchy, has strict living methods and doesn’t own a computer.

I won’t say any more so as not to spoil your fun, but I assure you it’s a very interesting movie. Below you will see the movie trailer (beware! Explicit language in Spanish).

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  1. Wayne:

    This looks awesome! Gracias y Bien hecho!

  2. Ksenia:

    Oh, it’s such a dull movie. I don’t understand now how I managed to watch it till the end.
    Nothing happens, there are no interesting dialogs, nothing, absolutely nothing expept for the strong regional dialect of one heroine.
    The best thing about this movie – it’s trailer((
    I would better watch for the seventh time 8 citas, than waste my time on this!