Origin of Words: Borracho Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in Spanish Culture, Spanish Vocabulary

In many rural regions of Spain, wine is still served in leather bota bags (, which in the 15th century were called borrachas, in Catalan.

Borracha comes from botella (bottle) y morratxa (a type of laboratory bottle). Later, the word borracho was used to talk about a drunkard, someone who was lleno de vino (full of wine).

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  1. Jeremias:

    Que locura es! Yo no sabia!

  2. Eric Rohland:

    Referencia al bote?

    Nuncia habria pensado en esto. Lo que venia constantemente a mi mente planteando sobre el origen de dicha palabra era “borrar” y la morfema “-acho” como augmentativa tipo participio pasado. Asi que tendriamos “completamente borrado,” como una referencia de lo que hace el alcohol a nuestra mente, las memorias a acontecimientos del noche anterior.

    ¿Qué les parece?