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Road signs in Spanish Posted by on Oct 13, 2008 in Spanish Culture, Spanish Vocabulary

Hello, there! A reader wrote asking whether road signs are different in Spanish speaking countries. It turns out that you probably won’t have too much difficulty with the signs because they use internationally recognized pictures or symbols. If you want to have a look at the international road signs, check this link: Speed limits are expressed in numbers, but you have to remember that they are Km/hour, instead of miles. So, let’s check out some of the most commonly used words on other signs. Remember that in some regions these words may be different.

bus stop – parada
crossing – cruce (two roads); paso a nivel (road and railway)
bend – curva
danger – peligro
dead end – sin salida
detour – desvío, desviación
downtown – centro
exit – salida
lane – carril
no entry – prohibido el paso
no passing – adelantamiento prohibido
one-way – (vía de) sentido único
parking – estacionamiento, aparcamiento
pedestrians – peatones
police – policía
prohibited – prohibid0/a
road closed – carretera cerrada
shoulder – arcén
slow – despacio
speed bump – badén
stop – stop
speed limit — velocidad máxima
toll – peaje
viewpoint – mirador
yield – ceda el paso

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  1. dom:

    stop – stop


  2. davidcarmona:

    Yeah, “stop” is used in Spanish for road signs.

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