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Spanish Lesson Beginner 1 Introductions (Part 1) Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Spanish Vocabulary, Videos

Hello, everybody! My name is Laura and I will be doing video blogs for you all. I hope they help you see and hear how to pronounce many basic, intermediate, and advanced words and phrases. Let me know what you think!

Hola : Hello/Hi (formal or informal)

Buenos días : Good day/Good morning

Buen día : Good day/Good morning (Latin America)

Buenas tardes : Good afternoon/Good evening (before 9.00pm)

Buenas noches : Good evening (after 9.00pm)/Good night

Buenas: Shortened version of buenos días, buenas tardes or buenas noches

Adiós : Goodbye

Chau: Goodbye (informal) (Latin America)

Hasta luego: See you later

Hasta mañana: See you tomorrow

Hasta otro día: See you some other time

Hasta pronto: See you soon

¿Cómo estás?: How are you? (informal) (with someone you know on a first-name basis or when speaking with a child)

¿Cómo está?: How are you? (formal)

Muy bien, gracias: Very well, thank you

¿Y tú?: And you? (informal)

¿Y usted?: And you? (formal)

¿Cómo te va? ¿Cómo le va? ¿Qué tal? ¿Qué pasa? ¿Qué hay?:  How’s it going?

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About the Author: Laura & Adam

Laura & Adam have been blogging and creating online Spanish courses for Transparent Language since 2010. Laura is from Bilbao in northern Spain and Adam is from Devon in the south of England. They lived together in Spain for over 10 years, where their 2 daughters were born, and now they live in Scotland. Both Laura & Adam qualified as foreign language teachers in 2004 and since have been teaching Spanish in Spain, the UK, and online.


  1. Bala Pushkar:

    Hey…I hope to continue learning with nxt lessons….keep on posting….Cheers…!

  2. Barbara Bellinger:

    Muchas Gracias, Laura! Esto fue muy útil.

  3. Randy:

    muchas Gracis senorita! this is one of the best Spanish lessons I have seen. I am learning Spanish and it was a great help to me. I know many Spanish words and can read very good. My hearing (understanding) is not good so I need something like this lesson. I can also speak with more confidence and pronounce the Spanish words better, so now Spanish people can understand what I am saying. Please continue, I look for the next lesson. Thanks you, Laura, you are a very good teacher. Randy

  4. Louise Wasson:

    thanks can’t wait for next one!

  5. Chris Nightingale:

    Very good Laura great help for pronunciation and memory. Hope to see many more in the future.

  6. Please make the blog free for me:

    would like to keep these in a folder on my desktop

  7. Nassima:

    Thank you for the lessons my best teacher… buena suerte for the next… from Algeria

    • Laura:

      @Nassima My pleasure Nassima! Saludos, Laura