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Hola a todos,

Hoy vamos a ver cómo ofrecer y aceptar ayuda y colaboración en español. We are going to see how to offer or accept help and collaboration in Spanish.

First let’s look at how to offer to do certain things:

¿Querer (Tú/usted/vosotros/ustedes) + que + presente de subjuntivo?: To want to/would like to + present subjunctive:

¿Quieres que te lleve al aeropuerto?: Would you like me to take you to the airport? (tú)
¿Quiere que cocinemos?: Would you like us to cook? (usted)
¿Quieren que limpie la casa?: Would you like me to clean the house? (ustedes)
¿Quieres que vaya contigo?: Would you like me to go with you? (tú)
¿Queréis que os ayude?: Would you like me to help you? (vosotros)
¿Quiere que te prepare un café?: Would you like me to make you a coffee? (usted)

Let´s see now what you can say to accept an offer:

• Vale: OK (In Spain)
• OK: OK(In Latin America)
• De acuerdo: OK (formal)
• Como quieras/quiera… gracias: As you wish… thank you
• Si quieres/quiere: If you want
• Genial, gracias, de verdad: Fantastic, thank you so much, really
• Te/Se lo agradezco en el alma: I really appreciate it
• Te/Se lo agradecería muchísimo: I would appreciate it so much

Let´s see now a few ways we can reject an offer:

• No, gracias, de verdad: Honestly, no, thanks
• No, no es necesario, gracias: No, it is not necessary, thank you
• No, no hace falta, muchas gracias de todas formas: No, it is not necessary, thank you anyway

Bueno, esto es todo por hoy. I am sure you will agree, it is really useful to know how to offer and accept help and you can practice the sentences we have learned today by thinking how you would offer help in Spanish in your everyday situations: at work, at home, with your family or with your friends, etc. If unfortunately you don’t have any Spanish speakers around to practice with, then just practice in your head or write examples down on paper. Always imagine what the other person would say in each instance: how they could accept or reject the offers.

I am sure you have heard a million times that practice makes perfect, and are probably sick to death of the sentence, but it really is true and it is vital you practice every day if you really want to speak good Spanish. I hope my video lessons are helping you along the way and I really look forward to seeing you next time!

Que tengáis una buena semana y hasta pronto.


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