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Spanish Numbers 1-100 Posted by on Apr 14, 2010 in Spanish Culture, Spanish Vocabulary

One or the most basic skills we need to know when learning a language is how to count and use numbers, so here we go!

I remember when I was a child, and I practiced my numbers everyday with El Conde Dracu (Count Von Count). I loved it!

Next you can have a look at the Spanish numbers from 1 to 100.

0 Cero Zero 17 Diecisiete Seventeen
1 Uno One 18 Dieciocho Eighteen
2 Dos Two 19 Diecinueve Nineteen
3 Tres Three 20 Veinte Twenty
4 Cuatro Four 21 Veintiuno Twenty one
5 Cinco Five 22 Veintidós Twenty two
6 Seis Six 23 Veintitrés Twenty three
7 Siete Seven 30 Treinta Thirty
8 Ocho Eight 31 Treinta y uno Thirty one
9 Nueve Nine 39 Treinta y nueve Thirty nine
10 Diez Ten 40 Cuarenta forty
11 Once Eleven 50 Cincuenta Fifty
12 Doce Twelve 60 Sesenta Sixto
13 Trece Thirteen 70 Setenta Seventy
14 Catorce Fourteen 80 Ochenta Eighty
15 Quince Fifteen 90 Noventa Ninety
16 Dieciséis Sixteen 100 Cien One hundred

We have to take into account that in Spanish uno becomes un when used with a masculine noun: un gatito (one kitten), veintiún limones (21 lemons)…. And we use una with feminine nouns: una chica (one girl), treinta rosas (30 roses)…

When we use the number 100 in isolation we call it “cien” but when it is combined with other units or tens (from 101 to 199), then it canges to “ciento” as in “ciento uno” (101). And don’t forget to use “y” (and) between the units and the tens “ treinta y nueve libros” (39 books).

And now let’s see if you know how to use numbers with these questions…

1)¿Cuántos zapatos hay en un par de zapatos?

2)¿Y cuántos huevos en una docena?

3)¿Cuántos días tiene una semana?

4)¿Y cuántos lunes tiene esa misma semana?

5)¿Cuántas semanas tienes de vacaciones?

6)¿Y cuántas quisieras?

Keep learning Spanish with us!

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