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Spanish teens´ slang and expressions Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Learning, Spanish Culture

As you know, vocabulary is a key element when you are learning a new language. The difficult part of it is that in everyday language, every social group seems to share a particular code. Adults don´t speak as teens, so we need to cover all these linguistic varieties. It can be a tough task, but also very funny.  Today we are going to see some young people expressions you can use in real conversations.

–  We will use the first one when flirting. Tirar los tejos means to talk to somebody in an affectionate way, in order to seduce him/her.
¿No te das cuenta de que te está tirando los tejos?
Don´t you see he´s hitting on you?

– If tirar los tejos this is effective, you could probably talk about enrollarse con alguien, to hook up with the boy/ girl you flirted with.
¿Recuerdas el macizo que conocimos la semana pasada? Ayer me enrollé con él.
Do you remember the hunky we met last weekend? I hooked up with him yesterday.

– If you are a TV series addicted as I am, you can say you are enganchado:
¡Me enganché del todo a American Horror Story, Dexter y Breaking Bad!
I got completely hooked on American Horror Story, Dexter and Breaking Bad!

– Talking about TV series or movies, we can include montarse una película in our list. It is the same as montarse una historia, and it means to have absurd imaginations or to think without coherence about a subject.
Tan solo le dije que estaba guapa, y ya se ha montado la película.
I only told her how pretty she looked, and now she´s imagining things.

Flipar is used when someone is talking nonsense or unclear ideas, or sharing exaggerated thoughts. It´s meaning can be increased by adding en colores.
Tú flipas en colores si crees que terminarás a tiempo.
You are crazy if you think you´ll finish on time.

– When Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights come, Spanish teens se van de marcha, they go out to have a drink, talk with friends, dance and have fun.
Hemos terminado los examenes, ¡vámonos de marcha!
We have finish our exams, let´s go out!

– The problem when going out on the town and having some drinks is that you can agarrar un pedal/una castaña. This expression has many different variations, some of them a bit dirty, and they all mean to get veeeery very drunk.
No recuerdo nada, ¡me agarré un buen pedal en la fiesta de navidad!
I don´t remember anything, I got very drunk at the Christmas party!

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  1. Jim:

    Magda, down here in Cádiz province (Spain) there is a word used by teens to refer to their friends, which won’t be found in any Spanish dictionary: Killo

    That’s: Chico > Chiquillo > Quillo > Killo

    Never have I seen a Spanish word condensed in this way.

    • Magda:

      @Jim Hahaha, we also use it in Granada sometimes!

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