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Whenever we travel to a Spanish-speaking country we go sightseeing and knowing exactly what places are called in Spanish is a good way to get around town.

But before we move on to learning the actual words, let me share some vocabulary learning tips with you guys, so you will be able to make the most out of this post!

Vocabulary Learning Tips!

1. Make sure you learn the places with their articles, el or la. Usually (not always) feminine words end in “a” and masculine words end in “o”.

2. When you learn new words, try and make it close to home. For example, if you drop your kids off at the daycare center you could use the word la guardería, like this:

Siempre dejo a mis niños en la guardería a las siete de la mañana. [I always drop my kids off at the daycare center at seven am.]


Me gusta ir a la iglesia los domingos. [I like to go to church on Sundays.]

3. Quiz yourself!

Make flashcards with the Spanish words on one side and their English translation on the other side. See the side in English and try to remember the Spanish correspondent, WITH the article, that’s very important!

So, now let’s learn what businesses and places you can find in your neighborhood, en tu barrio.

En el barrio puede haber…

la escuela = school
la guardería = daycare center
la biblioteca = library
la iglesia = church
el museo = museum
el hospital = hospital
el banco = bank
el cementerio – cemetery
el parque = park
la plaza = square
la parada de autobús = bus stop
la estación de tren = train station
la estación de metro = subway station
la estación de autobuses = bus station
el aeropuerto = airport
el mercado = market

el cine = movie theater
la cafetería = coffee shop
el restaurante = restaurant
el hotel = hotel
el hostal = hostel
la pensión = pension
la farmacia = drugstore
la barbería = barber shop
la peluquería = hair stylist
la librería = bookstore
la papelería = stationery store
la tienda de ropa = clothing store
el pub = pub

tienda de segunda mano = thrift shop
la comisaría = police station
el ayuntamiento = city hall
correos = post office
el club = club
la discoteca = disco
el teatro = theater
el supermercado = supermarket
el quiosco = newsstand
la frutería = fruit store
la carnicería = butcher’s
la panadería = bakery
el almacén = grocery store
la floristería / florería = florist’s

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