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Last Sunday Spain held several elections at local and autonomic levels. Many cities changed the political party in charge of government and broke with the usual split between two parties, PP and PSOE. Here we have an interview of Pablo Iglesias, head of the Podemos party, which was part of many coalitions that won in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.

We include a list of words related to politics, elections and political parties.

ballot – votación
bureaucracy – burocracia

campaign – campaña
candidate – candidato

centrist – del centro
citizen – ciudadano
coalition (koualíshon) – coalición

democracy – democracia
democrat  – demócrata
democratic – democrático

electoral roll – padrón electoral
electorate – electorado

government – gobierno
left-wing – de izquierda
legislature – legislatura

mayor – alcalde

opposition – oposición
parliament – parlamento
party – partido

political – político (adjetivo)
politician – político (persona)
politics – política

poll – encuesta, votación
president – presidente
referendum – referendum
republic – república
republican – republicano
right-wing – de derecha
rights – derechos

social rights derechos sociales
socialist – socialista

suffrage – sufragio
to elect – elegir

to govern – gobernar
to run for – ser candidato a
to vote – votar
voter – votante


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  1. Stan Mabbitt:

    Just one typo – alcalde – should be “mayor” not “major”