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Spelling changes in irregular verbs Posted by on Jan 26, 2012 in Spanish Grammar

As you may be aware of, irregular verbs are the ones that have some kind of alteration in their radical or endings. Let’s take a look at some of these changes in Spanish verbs that have to do with sound (eufonía = good sound).

Such changes are not exactly irregularities because verbs keep the same sound but add or change a letter. These changes occur mainly in the Presente de Indicativo and Presente de Subjuntivo forms.

Ending: -car
Spelling change: C for QU
Before: E
Example: pecar – pequé, peque; abarcar – abarqué, abarque; buscar – busqué, busque

Ending: -gar
Spelling change: C for GU
Before: E
Example: entregar – entregué, entregue; apagar – apagué, apague; encargar – encargué, encargue

Ending: -zar
Spelling change: Z for C
Before: E
Example: utilizar – utulicé – utilice; aterrizar – aterricé – aterrice; rezar – recé – rece

Ending: -cer, -cir
Spelling change: C for Z
Before: A/O
Example: vencer – venzo, venza; ejercer – ejerzo, ejerza; uncir – unzo, unza; resarcir – resarzo, resarza

Ending: -ger, -gir
Spelling change: G for J
Before: A/O
Example: recoger – reocojo, recoja; proteger – protejo, proteja; afligir – aflijo, aflija; erigir – erijo, erija

Ending: -guir
Spelling change: deletion of U
Before: A/O
Example: conseguir – consigo, consiga; perserguir – persigo, persiga; extinguir – extingo, extinga

Ending: -quir
Spelling change: QU for C
Before: A/O
Example: delinquir – delinco, delinca

As you can see, the sound doesn’t change, only the spelling. So when reading a text, pay attention to how these irregular forms are used.

Take care and see you next time!

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