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¿Cómo es la comida peruana? (What is Peruvian Food?) Posted by on Jul 10, 2019

Me encanta probar comida nueva cuando viajo (I love to try new food when I travel). I think trying local dishes is one of the best parts about traveling. In all my travels, one of my absolute favorites has been Peruvian cuisine. I could eat a plate of ceviche with a Pisco Sour every day…

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¿Cómo es la comida mexicana? (What is Mexican food?) Posted by on Oct 10, 2018

¿Qué es la comida mexicana?

La comida mexicana es famosa en todo el mundo (Mexican food is famous all around the world). But what exactly is real, traditional Mexican food? In this post we’ll take a look at some common dishes in Mexico and try to answer the question “¿Cómo es la comida mexicana?” (What is Mexican food?). Basic Ingredients…

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