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TV Series to Practice Spanish Posted by on Sep 27, 2018

We have all heard that we can practice listening comprehension in a new language by watching movies and listening to songs in the target language. Fortunately, streaming of movies and series has made it easier to get access. Below is a list of my recommendations of  TV series to practice Spanish. Each of the recommendations…

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La Muerte de Fidel: Castro’s Death Across Languages and Cultures Posted by on Dec 5, 2016

Last week world headlines lit up with the death of one of the most contentious figures of the twentieth century: Fidel Castro. The Cuban revolutionary’s obituaries ranged from heartfelt sympathy to open celebration, and sentiments regarding the death of el Máximo Líder have varied widely in tone and content according to both country and language. The death…

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The Sweet Sounds of Caribbean Spanish Posted by on May 30, 2016

Last week we shared a post on some of the quirks of Colombian Spanish, but even within this one country there’s as much variety of language as of geography and people, with sometimes mind-blowingly different pronunciation and word choice to be found just over the next mountain range. One of the many varieties of Spanish you’ll hear in Colombia is…

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Bebo Valdés, the father of Afro-Cuban jazz. Posted by on Mar 23, 2013

Ayer sufrimos una nueva pérdida relacionada con la escena musical: el músico cubano Bebo Valdés murió en Suecia a la edad de 94 años. El pianista, compositor, arreglista y director de orquesta  Ramón Emilio Valdés Amaro comenzó su carrera en los clubes nocturnos de La Habana, mano a mano con la vedette Rita Montaner. Fue…

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El breve espacio en que no estás Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

Silvio Rodríguez es un cantautor y poeta cubano, que posiblemente todos conozcáis. No voy a decir que suela oír su música muy a menudo, pero sí tiene una canción que me ha acompañado en diversos momentos de mi vida. Siempre la relaciono con otra canción, “Quieta”, de un cantautor de mi ciudad, Fran Fernández, quien…

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Cuban Spanish Posted by on Mar 12, 2009

Today we’ll have a look at some typical vocabulary used in Cuba. Check them out! Amarillo – a coward person. Aquel hombre es un amarillo. (That man is a coward.) Caballo – friend. ¿Cómo estás, caballo? (How are you, my friend?) Curralo – work. Voy pa’l curralo. (I’m going to work.) Embori – a snitch…

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