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Mexico City Updates School Uniform Policy Posted by on Jun 20, 2019

This month, Mexico City updated its school uniform policy that required girls to wear skirts and boys to wear pants. While there was some confusion, the policy aims to limit the gender-specific constraints of the previous policy. In this post, I will explore the use of uniforms in Mexican schools and what the new policy…

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Inclusive Language: The RAE Says Not Now Posted by on Feb 21, 2019

Last month during a conference at the University of Salamanca, the director of the RAE or the Real Academia Española stated that the RAE was not going to impose inclusive language with new terms such as miembras and todes instead of miembros and todos. In this post, we will explore who the RAE is and what they do, and the debates…

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Spanish Lesson Beginners 4 Vocabulary and phrases related to professions and an introduction to Spanish masculine and feminine Posted by on Aug 25, 2010

Buenas, ¿Cómo estáis? Espero que todos estéis bien, que estéis disfrutando de vuestros estudios de español y vayáis progresando muy bien. I hope you are all ok and that you are enjoying your Spanish studies and progressing well. Today, we are going to have a class for beginner level students in which we will see…

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El vs. La: Noun Gender Posted by on Mar 4, 2010

There are some tips to know the gender of a noun but there are times when you just have to learn them by heart. There are no logical way of knowing it. Here’s a useful list of some of these words. el acorde – chord el barniz – varnish el cobre – copper el cometa…

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El género Posted by on Dec 3, 2009

Knowing the gender of a word in Spanish is not so easy sometimes, so here are two very good tips to help you choose between EL or LA. The following are typically masculine endings: -O – cariño, libro -OR – horror, emperador, color, valor -AJE – blindaje, linaje, homenaje, abordaje -MA – poema, sistema, teorema…

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You just have to learn them! Posted by on Mar 24, 2009

OK, so your Spanish teacher taught you that basically words ending in -a take the article “la” and words ending in -o take the article “el”. Right? Not quite. There are words that defy categorization and there is no magic way to learn them other than study and remember their gender. Here’s a little list…

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