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El vs. La: Noun Gender Posted by on Mar 4, 2010 in Spanish Grammar

There are some tips to know the gender of a noun but there are times when you just have to learn them by heart. There are no logical way of knowing it.

Here’s a useful list of some of these words.

el acorde – chord
el barniz – varnish
el cobre – copper
el cometa – comet
el mueble – piece of furniture
el peltre – pewter
el pez – fish (living)
el pie – foot
el reloj – clock, watch
el sauce – willow
el taller – workshop
el yate – yacht
la cruz – cross
la flor – flower
la frente – forehead
la gripe – influenza
la leche – milk
la liendre – nit
la matriz – womb
la miel – honey
la nariz – nose
la nave – ship, spacecraft
la nieve – snow
la sal – salt
la tos – cough
la ubre – udder

See you next time!

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  1. brian:

    El poema is one that still sometimes surprises me.

  2. Spanish Jobs:

    Isn’t “lapiz” also one of these? I am trying to find an online dictionary that shows the article “el” or “la” before the noun…does anyone know of a site? (Most just show the noun without the article.)