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El vs. La: Noun Gender Posted by on Mar 4, 2010

There are some tips to know the gender of a noun but there are times when you just have to learn them by heart. There are no logical way of knowing it. Here’s a useful list of some of these words. el acorde – chord el barniz – varnish el cobre – copper el cometa…

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Sustantivos colectivos Posted by on Jan 11, 2010

A collective noun is a word used to define a group of elements, where those elements can be people, animals, emotions, objects, concepts, or other things. Here are some collective nouns in Spanish. Alameda: Conjunto de Álamos. (poplar grove) Alumnado: Conjunto de Alumnos. (students) Arboleda, bosque: Conjunto de Árboles. (forest) Archipiélago: Conjunto de Islas. (archipelago)…

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Plural of Nouns – Review Posted by on Dec 14, 2009

Let’s review some rules to form the plural of nouns in Spanish. 1. Add an ‘-s’ to words ending in vowel or stressed vowels á, é, and ó. La casa – las casas El peine – los peines La tribu – las tribus La mamá – las mamás El café – los cafés 2. Add…

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