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¿Cuáles son las letras menos usadas del español? (Advanced Listening Practice) Posted by on May 31, 2022

In today’s blog you will learn what the least frequently used letters in Spanish are, while practicing your listening skills. Listen to the video bellow and fill in the blanks in the video transcription. The answers can be found at the bottom of the page 🙂 Transcription Tenemos 27 letras en el 1. _________ español…

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New Year’s Resolution – Learn Spanish Posted by on Jan 15, 2018

New Year's Resolution - Learn Spanish

¿Cuál es su propósito de Año Nuevo? (What is your New Year’s resolution?) I’m sure your answer is, “Mi resolución de Año Nuevo es aprender español” (My New Year’s resolution is to learn Spanish.” The beginning of the year is a time that many people resolve to learn a new language. Unfortunately, many give up…

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El Alfabeto (The Spanish Alphabet) Posted by on Aug 30, 2017

El Alfabeto (The Spanish Alphabet)

New to Spanish? You’ll want to start off by learning the alphabet. Follow this video to learn the 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet plus two common digraphs that used to be letters. Each one gives a Spanish word as an example as well. Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Guide Follow this video and practice saying the…

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