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The verb dar, to give, is used in many useful expressions.

Dar un paseo means to take a walk.
Ayer fuimos a dar un paseo por el bosque. (Yesterday we took a walk in the woods.)

Dar a means to face.
La habitación de mi mamá en la casa de verano da al mar. (My mother´s bedroom in the beachhouse faces the sea.)

The expression dar a entender means to lead or give one to understand.
Él me dio a entender que no iba a aceptar las condiciones. (He led me to believe he wouldn´t accept those conditions.)

Dar con means to run into someone unexpectedly.
Di con mi maestro de español en la calle. (I ran into my Spanish teacher on the street.)

Dar de is used in expressions such as to give someone something to drink or to eat.
Ella dio de comer al niño. (She fed the baby.)

Dar por means to consider.
Ellos me dieron por muerto. (They considered me dead./They thought I was dead.)

Dar por sentado means to take something for granted.
Doy por sentado que vas a venir a la fiesta. (I take for granted you’ll be coming to the party.)

The verb dar is also used in the expression dar las, which means to strike when referring to time.
Dieron las ocho. (It struck eight.)

Dar la lata o dar la tabarra means to annoy someone.   
No me des más la lata con tus payasadas. (Stop annoying me with your antics.)



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